Workers’ Compensation

Lower your workers’ compensation insurance premiums. No up-front deposits, Big Discounts (Up to 30% off), Pay-as-you-go. Has your company been canceled from your current workers’ compensation insurance provider or has your experience MOD gotten too high to afford? Professional Employer Organizations or commonly referred to as employee leasing, can help lower your workers’ comp premiums by up to 30% immediately. PEO’s are able to offer risk management products at reduced rates due to the concept of “pooling” often with 100’s of thousands of employees and the relationships that they hold with the carriers. Most PEO’s provide a pay-as-you go workers’ compensation insurance solution, and this eliminates the need for up front deposits and audits throughout the year. Some PEO’s even offer incentive plans for companies that have minimal claims. PEO’s are the best way to lower your workers’ comp rates immediately instead of waiting years to get your MOD lowered.

Other Services Include:
• Professional Risk Management Support & Services
• Professional Work Comp Claims Administration
• On-Site Surveys, Workplace Evaluations and Reports
• Customized Safety Manuals
• Coordinate Ongoing Treatment in Lost-Time Accidents
• Assist with Light Duty Return to Work Programs
• Coordinate OSHA Reporting & Compliance