Human Resource Services

Our PEO partners provide a dedicated service team to enhance and compliment your HR and benefits administration. Partnering with a Human Resources Outsourcing expert allows companies to leverage economies of scale and broad expertise in order to focus on their core business. Our PEO HR service teams help manage compliance with federal and state employment laws such as FLSA, FMLA, EEOC, I9 regulations and more.
Working with HR outsourcing services also allows companies to integrate turnkey solutions into the areas of their business that makes them successful. Our turnkey solutions help companies reduce the time spent managing HR issues.

Other Services Include:

• Professional HR Support/Services
• Provide Up-To-Date Employment Forms
• Process & Defend Unemployment Claims & Hearings
• Customized Employee Handbooks Tailored to Client Specifications
• Assist with Americans With Disabilities (ADA) & Family Medical Leave (FMLA) Acts
• Pre-Employment Screening – Criminal Background Checks & Drug Testing
• Educational and Reference Verification
• Preparation of Job Descriptions
• Federal and State Specific Mandatory Posting

Cloud Technology Platform

Our industry partners equip your managers with web-based HR self-service solutions and real time access to data that matter most.

The same self-service system allows employees to access payroll info, enroll in benefits, view pay stubs and W2’s and much more. Our partners provide industry leading technology infrastructure with a pay as you go service model that eliminates the need to have onsite IT support and ongoing licensing fees.